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Manchester United’s Team for tonight….

Manchester United’s team for tonights Carling Cup clash against Leeds is…

Amos, Valencia, Carrick, Fryers, Fabio, Diouf, Giggs, Park, Macheda, Berbatov, Owen. Substitutes: De Gea, Welbeck, Pogba, Brown, M Keane, Thorpe, Cole. :D

Good luck to United :) <3

'E.T xxx

Carling Cup - Leeds United v Manchester United!!

Okay!! So as Manchester United travel down to Leeds tomorrow (Carling Cup third round), we where all pretty excited anyway!!! :D

I was mainly excited about this match because my Uncle supports Leeds and its always great fun to see how it goes down…

And now I am even more excited because two of my favourite reserves players have been named in the line up!! I’m actually buzzin’ over this :P Ezekiel Fryers and Reece Brown….

Since last season I’ve been keeping up with the Reserves matches (with my sister), and Fryers and Brown have been my favourite players!!

Like his older brother Wes (my favourite player from when I first became football mad :P and he still is one of my faves and btw I’m still upset about his move but I am happy for him LOOL)…[back to the point :P], Reece is making his Senior Debut for Manchester United against Leeds!! :)…

Hope Ezekiel and Reece get some good playing time and best of luck to them :D…

The full team named by Sir Alex Ferguson is……

Lindegaard, Amos, Fabio, Jones, Evans, Giggs, Park, Carrick, Fletcher, Valencia, Owen, Macheda, Diouf, Pogba, W Keane, James, Brown, M Keane, Thorpe and Fryers!!

Best of luck to MANCHESTER United!! Lets win thisssss :D

'E.T xxx